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Gulay Yildizli’s values

My values are based on 3 core principles:


  • Self-awareness:
    Knowing who we are strengthens our self-confidence and our character and helps us to build and grow in our future.
  • Meaning of life:
    It is the first and most essential thing of the human being, it is a goal in the life. Every person needs a life purpose to live a fulfilled life.
  • Personal responsibility:
    Being mature and responsible for our actions and developing a plan of action to progress and learn from our mistakes.


2024-Kahler Communications, Inc: Process Communication Trainer Certificate.
2022-Kingston College: Advanced diploma in mental health and wellbeing.
2021-Kingston College: Advanced diploma in personal leadership and executive coaching.
2021-European Academy of Neurosciences: Coach in cognitive neuroscience.

How I can help you

I am focused on interventions which help coachees plan, lead and implement successful changes and performance improvements. I coach leaders to become more personally effective, and also to enable them to lead their people to achieve the goals their organisations need.

A typical coaching programme would include:

  1. Chemistry session between the coachee and coaches, to find the best fit.
    During this conversation, I will get to know you and help you organize and clarify your goal.
  2. Decision call and onboarding.
  3. Objective setting and planning session to achieve them.
  4. Coaching sessions – improving and implementing success strategies.
  5. Final coaching session with agreement on continuous development plan and evaluation.
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Gulay, through her technique as a coach, helped me to confront my internal obstacles. With her ability to listen, she helped me open the door to my own thoughts for them to shape into words and transform themselves into reality. I was then able to see them, from different angles and determine the core issues to work on. With her skills, I have grown to understand and be at ease with myself and pursue my journey.

Marie – FCC Manager

Gulay has a great sense of empathy and feels directly what was bothering me during the sessions. She was helping me to be able to develop useful tools and mechanisms to be implemented in order to have a clear view on what we were working on. She was also challenging me in the questions that I could have and guided me through what was best for me. Her sessions were really helpful for me.She has a great human touch in her approach and listens to people. She was also helping structure the thoughts and the work in the coaching exercise.


My coaching sessions with Gulay have been very helpful for me to understand where my passion lays and how to get there. Gulay’s coaching style is very structured, thoughtful, empathetic & enjoyable and I would highly recommend her!


I recently had the opportunity to work with Gulay who provided me with a couple of sessions. I must say, I am incredibly pleased with the experience. Gulay demonstrated a deep understanding of my personal challenges, and her guidance was invaluable in helping me gain clarity and direction in my life. She was attentive, supportive, and provided practical strategies that I could implement right away. I felt heard, motivated, and inspired after each session. Her expertise and insightful approach made a positive impact on my personal growth journey.

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